WCCC Wedding Ceremony Policies and Procedures

Last updated:   June 9, 2015
Congratulations!  If you and your significant partner are WCCC members and are thinking of getting married in the future, please read this page carefully:

  1. In order to prepare you for this important stage in your life as a life-time covenant, we ask that you speak to your local pastor as soon as possible regarding your intent to be married, with a minimum of six (6) months before your actual wedding date.   We will arrange to meet with the Counselling Director for your first pre-marital assessment session.
  2. At least one of the partners is a WCCC member.  If not, the couple should be endorsed by an active WCCC member.
  3. WCCC believes in the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Therefore, our beliefs should be compatible in order to proceed with the wedding ceremony (References: Mark 10:9, Genesis 2:24)
  4. The couple should be willing to participate in pre-marital preparation sessions at least four (4) times, at least one (1) hour each and also buy the pre-marital book that the pastor will recommend.
  5. The couple should be aware that WCCC ministers have the right to decline officiating their wedding especially if their faith in Christ is not clearly established, or any issues of concern raised during the pre-marital preparation sessions.  Likewise, couples are free to choose if they would like to pursue being married by a WCCC pastor, or withdraw from the pre-marital preparation sessions if their religious beliefs are not a compatible match.
  6. If you are a WCCC member, there is no charge for conducting the wedding ceremony.  However, we ask that you consider a contribution of $150 and above for our time in facilitating the pre-marital preparation sessions.  A suggested donation amount for non-WCCC members is $200 and above.  This contribution may be used as a tax deductible donation.  A receipt will be issued at the end of the year.  Please check with our Church Co-ordinator if you wish to book the church facilities for the ceremony.
  7. Couples are responsible for obtaining their marriage licence through your local city hall or designated insurance companies granting marriage licenses in B.C.  The cost is $100 and is valid for a 3-month period from the purchase date.  Couples certify that they are both legally eligible for getting married, and there is no legal impediment whatsoever (please see link below).